How to send mail using telnet connection to SMTP server

1. Open telnet session

# telnet mail.server.tld 25

Trying mail.server.tld ...

Connected to mail.server.tld

Escape character is '^]'.

220 mail.server.tld ESMTP

2. Introduce us in SMTP server

helo host.mydomain.tld

250 mail.server.tld

3. Send email address of the sender

mail from: j.smith@example.tdl

250 ok

4. Send email address of the recipient

rcpt to: ime@domain.tld

 250 ok

5. Let's go with body ot the message


354 go ahead

6. Send Name and Email adress of the sender

From: John Smith <j.smith@example.tdl>

7. Send Name and Email address of the recipient

To: ime@domain.tld

8. Next Subject of the message

Subject: nesto alabala

9. Continue with the message

text text

text text text

10. Let's say to SMTP server to send the message (??? YES this is only DOT???)


250 ok XXXXXX

11. Close telnet session



That's all falks

Points 6, 7 and 8 and can be missed




voyager (04-12-2007 14:46) :
please login and pass to smtp

Bineesh wilson (16-10-2012 09:19) :
Excellent article...
helped me a lot.....

everything is crystal clear...

Thanks you and all the best...

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